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Diane M. Goodman
Jordon Metz *
Margaret Byrne Ikeda

* Also admitted in Florida



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Encino, California 91316-4128

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July 1, 2010

Dear Clients:

Goodman and Metz was formed in 1994 and has been in existence for sixteen (16) years. We’ve been committed to providing fairness, dignity and respect to each of our clients over these past years. Our goal has always been quality legal representation.

Diane and Jordon remain committed to these values. However, we want to let you know that we will be starting new paths and new firms. Our goal for this transition is to make it seamless for our clients.

Diane and Jordon remain committed to each other and our clients. As such, you may choose to continue your relationship with either firm or both of us together.

Diane has remained in the Goodman and Metz law building and will continue practicing family law mediation, dissolutions, adoptions, and assisted reproduction law. Her contact information will remain the same.

Jordon has moved to 139 Richmond Street, El Segundo, CA 90245-3716. He has formed the firm of Barbosa, Metz and Harrison. Jordon’s firm will continue practicing civil litigation, family law and civil rights law (ADA).

We anticipate that this will be a smooth transition for both our clients and ourselves. Thank you for your continued trust in us. The links to our new websites are listed under each of our names.